Middlesex College Receives Grant From Rutgers Community 健康 基金会 to Help Develop a 健康care Workforce in New Brunswick

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Middlesex College Receives Grant From Rutgers Community 健康 基金会

从左, Marelyn Lujan, a current Middlesex College student and former EMPOWER student, her mother Margarita Juarez and her sister Janny Lujan, 现在让学生, and a rising senior in high school.

Middlesex College Receives Grant From Rutgers Community 健康 基金会 to Help Develop a 健康care Workforce in New Brunswick

Middlesex College received an $85,000 grant from the Rutgers Community 健康 基金会 (RCHF) to help adult learners in New Brunswick explore and prepare to enter the healthcare field.

This latest award follows nearly $200,000 in grants from RCHF since 2016 to help New Brunswick residents through the College’s EMPOWER (Encouraging, Mentoring Peers on Work and Education Readiness) Program, a summer academic support program for New Brunswick teens seeking to explore college.

In 2020, 由于COVID-19, the RCHF supplied a basic needs emergency grant to support New Brunswick students enrolled at Middlesex College. This grant was used to help students with rental aid, utility payments and food vouchers, including EMPOWER high school students enrolled in a college class.

Building on past successes and in response to community needs, RCHF partnered with the Middlesex College 新布伦瑞克中心 to create Pathways into 卫生事业 Bootcamps. These three-to-four-week 项目 were designed to attract, train and support adult learners, including those who need help navigating new organizational systems, especially those in the fast-growing healthcare field.

Adults with a foreign high school diploma or HSE (High School Equivalency) or who are close to attaining those credentials are encouraged to apply. Immigrant applicants seeking to improve their English so that they can take part in future bootcamps are also encouraged to apply and may qualify for free English as Second Language (非母语英语课程) and computer confidence courses. Additional funding may be available to help cover costs related to childcare, transportation and technology, which are common barriers to participation.

伊薇特莫利纳, 项目主, 和伊芙琳罗莎, director of the Middlesex College 新布伦瑞克中心, will lead information sessions starting Monday, September 27 about the first bootcamp, which will be in-person and virtual. For more information or to arrange an information session at your site, 请 contact YMolina@silverdalecrossfit.com, infonb@silverdalecrossfit.com,或拨打732.745.8866.

Students who successfully complete the bootcamp will transition to Middlesex College for training to become a community or public health worker, 抽血者, 医疗助理, 心电图技术员, or to work in other health-related careers. The 项目主 will continue to support bootcamp participants when they enroll in those 项目.

New Brunswick resident Margarita Juarez, 三个孩子的母亲, has a personal connection to Middlesex College. Two of her children currently attend the College and another participated in its Summer EMPOWER Program. Now, thanks to the RCHF grant, she too can benefit from workforce training and career preparation.
“This is huge for me and my family because I’ve always wanted to work in health and emergency aid and help out my community,”她说.